Friday, 7 December 2012

The Blue Lady returns

When I asked you to stop me from joining the Scarlet Letter stitch-along blog, I actually meant for you to discourage me. To point out to me that me signing up for a(n?) SAL or any other form of obligatory stitching is bound to end in misery and mayhap mayhem (thank you, Andrea for understanding me so completely). Thankfully for me, the Scarlet Letter blog is so popular, that it is now quite impossible for me to sign up (no, I know it’s still possible to sign up, but please, please, don’t make me do it). I say thankfully because, when I picked up Mary Hart, fully intending to stitch my way quickly down to the good part (i.e. the cat), I found myself frowning and scratching my head in wonderment when I couldn’t see any holes in the linen, while I was quite sure they were there before. Slowly but surely, the dreadful realization dawned that quite a bit of time has passed since the last time I worked on Mary Hart, and seeing that these days I can barely see what’s on my dinner plate without my freaking reading glasses, it’s probably a bit of a stretch to expect me to see the holes in the 40 count linen that I, in my infinite wisdom, chose to stitch Mary Hart on. Over-one on 40 count linen, old woman? What were you thinking?
Well, we’ll see how I manage to work my way around that. Not without the help of a very powerful magnifying glass, I fear.

Not to worry, though, because I have a project to fall back on when all else fails (or becomes invisible)… I know you missed her as much as I did: The Blue Lady. Mrs Slocombe. The Pistols.

Stitched on linen with holes the size of Yorkshire. The tiny white circle on the left hand side of the next picture is the bit I’m (still) working on right now.

This is a picture of the size of her (taken in the days when the décor of my home was still remarkably minimalist and fluff and clutter free)

And this is where I stopped yesterday evening

Ohhhhh, honeybuns, it was utterly glorious to work on her again. After all these years of hooking and knitting and not knowing what to do with all of my inspiration and my unrest and agitation, it turns out that THIS is what I needed. Some quiet time with my lovely lady. *Sigh* and, dare I say, *sniff*.

Oh, I’ve become so teary-eyed with adoration over my stitchy project, that I completely forgot to tell you about our Saint Nicholas celebrations. Next time, perhaps.

Yours deliriously in lovely,


Giovanna said...

So nice to see the Lady again! I understand about the SL SAL - not doing it either :-)

Margaret said...

Ok, I won't say anymore about the SL challenge. lol! I love your lady -- she is soooooo amazing! As for the challenge of seeing 40ct. Hey, I understand! I use reading glasses of magnification 4.0 on top of my normal glasses. Makes for a great look, glasses on top of glasses on my nose. :D But it works a charm!

Anne Marieke said...

It is so lovely to read your adventures again :o))

Glad to see that The Blue Lady is once more in your good books. Enjoy!

Anneke said...

I picked up cross stitch too and enjoyed it as much as you did!
you have worked on the blue lady a lot! she is growing in the good sense.

still not needing +-glasses (hahaha) but well over 40....

cucki said...

aww blue lady is looking so cute..
love for you x

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I do like this design and I'll look forward to seeing it grow. I've always admired it. I know what you mean about fine work, it's not easy - I don't know how other stitchers routinely stitch on 40 count etc. The Danish and German designs are usually on 30 count which is so much easier on the eyes.

Anna van Schurman said...

I love her almost as much as you do! When I stitch on 40 count these days, I look like an idiot: regular bifocals sitting on top of my head and cheaters on. If I have to look at the computer for some reason, the glasses switch. Fortunately, I can still see the tv if I just peek over the frames.

Jeanne said...

As soon as I saw a post from you pop up in my Google Reader I wondered how the Blue Lady was doing! So glad you picked her up again.

I'm much older than you and couldn't survive without my Daylight magnifying light. I LOVE IT. When I'm elsewhere I have to wear cheaters on top of my regular glasses - such a classy look LOL.

mainelystitching said...

Love-love-love the Blue Lady!!

doris said...

I love her! She's just so ... so ... something I can't figure out. I just love her.

As for reading glasses, I've been using them for more than a decade, so maybe I'm old and used to them. When all else fails (i.e. over one on 40 ct), my incredible myopia allows me to take off my contacts and see perfectly for about four inches. We take what we can get, right?

Lapplisor said...

Dear Annemarie

I am thrilled with your embroidery! and congratulate you on the decision to work this wonderful pattern!
Such a long time I'm looking for exactly this blue woman - because I am an absolute fan Fremme.
May I ask you, on what lines you are working, and which uses yarn you? - It's the HF yarn?
"Good Stiching" - with due joy.

Take care